Meet the Makers - Kara Weaves

Kara Weaves was founded by a wonderful mother/daughter duo, Indu Menon and Chitra Gopalakrishna in their home state of Kerala, south west India.


They support artisan members of co-operatives, in a first-of-its-kind attempt to bridge the gap between traditional weaving art form and a contemporary lifestyle in Kerala. Their focus is on multi-functional, practical and long lasting products, that preserving traditional techniques - the products are handmade on traditional wooden looms using ancient local fabrics. 


To create several of the linens, artisans first prepare the yarn by sourcing, washing, dyeing, softening, bleaching, and drying the yarn and also applying any specific treatments as needed. Next are the pre-looming processes, which include spinning the yarn and setting up the loom. Then the skilled artisans start the weaving process. After that is the quality check, which happens in-house, and the stitching into products. The production process will vary based on how much fabric is required, customisations that may be involved, and techniques and designs, such as motifs and prints, that are used. Promoting the work helps to bring awareness and much-needed payment and income for the disappearing craft.

This all-women partnership is a WBE certified social enterprise that supports artisan weavers who are members of cooperatives to create fair-trade handwoven textiles in south-west India. They are certified members of the World Fair Trade Organisation. 

I am really excited by this collaboration, having worked with Indu to customise some of their contemporary home textiles designs just for Savannah Willow!