About Savannah Willow

Thanks for visiting my website, Savannah Willow. 

The gorgeous products profiled here are only possible as result of hard-working skilled individuals in developing countries, who have been supported, trained and paid a fair wage for their work through social enterprises and community based organisations. I have had the pleasure of working with these groups, sourcing the products and am delighted to be able to share these beyond the communities in which they're made. 

Since 2007, I had lived and worked with some of the world's most marginalised communities across Africa, Latin America and South East Asia. From launching a primary school curriculum in Malawi to managing HIV programmes in prisons in Kenya, I have worked in countless countries and contexts, engaging at community level (such as with LGBT groups in Uganda and armed groups in the Congo) as well as at international policy level, where I worked at the UN in Geneva and with the Vatican.

All that changed in 2017 when my partner and I warmly welcomed our daughter to the world and I became anchored to Rob's farm in rural Wiltshire!

Despite being based on a farm, I wanted to remain working with, and for, the incredible communities and people I've served in my career thus far. Many of the individuals and community groups I have been privileged to work with have been hugely enterprising and skilled in producing wonderful handmade goods as a means to generate income. The idea I had was to bring these items to a new market.

In October 2018 I reached out to a handful of colleagues and local organisations I had worked with, to identify genuine community driven groups who produce quality goods and sold these through my instagram account.

With the wonderful feedback from those who had bought the items, and encouragement from friends and family, I took this to the next step and developed a website, enabling me to reach more people and profile the communities and producers of these gorgeous items. 

In the meantime I am thrilled to have rejoined the international development sector and whilst managing healthcare and family planning projects in fragile ecosystems in East Africa, I continue to source and sell these beautiful goods for the groups I am now working with. 

The name Savannah Willow, are the middle names of our daughter - the catalyst for the brand.

Happy shopping